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Child Custody Attorney in Georgetown, DE

When a couple separates and there are children it becomes difficult. No one starts a family thinking one day they won’t be able to see their child every day. There can be a struggle understanding the interplay between the cause of the parents’ separation and whether or not each parent is able to effectively care for the child/children at issue. The Bickel Firm is here to help parents work with the best interest factors to determine what truly is in the best interests of their child/children.

Why Choose The Bickel Firm for Your Child Custody Needs


Our legal team has an in-depth understanding of Delaware’s child custody laws, ensuring you receive the best guidance and representation.


We approach each case with empathy, recognizing the emotional toll child custody disputes can take on parents and children alike.

Customized Solutions

Your family’s situation is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and priorities.


We keep you informed throughout the process, providing clarity on case progress and potential outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is child custody determined in Delaware?

Delaware courts prioritize the best interests of the child when making custody decisions. Factors such as parental abilities, child preferences (if age-appropriate), and the child’s emotional and physical well-being are considered.

Can child custody arrangements be modified?

Yes, child custody arrangements can be modified if there is a substantial change in circumstances. Our attorneys can help you navigate the modification process.

Is mediation an option for child custody disputes?

Yes, mediation is often encouraged to resolve child custody disputes amicably. If an agreement cannot be reached, a court may make the final decision.

Did You Know?

In Delaware, custody arrangements are made based on the child’s best interests, and Delaware Family Court handles child custody cases. Having a skilled child custody attorney like The Bickel Firm by your side can make a significant difference in achieving a favorable outcome.

Let us guide you through the child custody process with professionalism, empathy, and expertise. Contact The Bickel Firm today to schedule a consultation and protect your child’s future. Your family’s well-being is our priority.

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