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There are circumstances in which a child or children may be dependent, neglected or abused in the care of his/her/their parents.  In these instances, a relative or non-relative is able to file for guardianship to be given legal custody of the child/children to protect the children from their prior home lives.  The Bickel Firm has represented many individuals seeking guardianship of dependent children and is also well-versed in representing parents who have resolved the issues that led to the need for the guardianship and to help those parent regain custody of their children.

Understanding Guardianships

In most guardianship scenarios, the ward is a child or an individual facing significant mental or physical disabilities that impede their capacity to make independent decisions. Some states may refer to a guardianship as a conservatorship. Guardianships come in various forms, each tailored to the specific needs of the ward, and their scope can vary based on state regulations.

Types of Guardianships

Full Guardianships

These comprehensive guardianships provide the guardian with complete decision-making authority over the ward’s personal, financial, and healthcare matters, particularly when the ward cannot make any decisions on their own.

Limited Guardianships

In cases where the ward can make certain personal decisions but requires assistance with complex financial, healthcare, or life-related choices, a limited guardianship is appropriate.


When the court appoints two guardians to jointly make decisions for one ward, it serves as a safeguard against any potential misuse of authority.

Short-Term or Temporary Guardianships

Temporary guardianships are granted in emergency situations or when the ward is temporarily unable to make decisions on their own.

Guardianship of an Estate

In this role, the guardian is primarily responsible for overseeing, managing, and making financial decisions on behalf of the ward.

Guardian Ad Litem

Appointed by the court, a guardian ad litem represents the ward’s interests in legal proceedings.

Did You Know?

Our dedicated guardianship attorneys at The Bickel Firm are here to guide you through the complex legal intricacies of guardianships. Whether you are seeking guardianship or facing guardianship-related challenges, our experienced team will provide you with expert counsel and compassionate support. Your loved one’s well-being is our top priority.

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